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LRIT/HRIT systems receive, archive, display and process digital LRIT and HRIT  data from EUMETCast*, MSG direct broadcast*, GOES, MTSAT, COMS-1 and  Electro services. LRIT and HRIT data is an important source of information for  nowcasting, numerical weather prediction, climate monitoring and research.              
Left: 3.0m/3.7m L-band dish antenna and LNB Right: 1.2m/1.8m/2.4m L-band dish antenna and LNB
The Dartcom L-Band Polar Orbiter systems receive, archive, process and display  HRPT, CHRPT, SeaWiFS*, AHRPT and DMSP data from NOAA, Feng Yun,  SeaStar, Metop and S-Band DMSP polar-orbiting satellites.                             
1.5m and 1.2m parabolic dish and rotator
GVAR system is a high-performance, high-reliability solution for ingesting GVAR  data from GOES satellites in real-time. It provides full display and processing  facilities for the resulting infra-red, visible and water vapour images.              
MITTS system provides a quick, accessible, easy-to-use way of viewing images  and animations using a simple, touch-screen interface. MITTS is client  configurable, allowing up to twelve different images and animations to be  specified.  
Nearfield Systems Inc (NSI)
* Far-Field Systems
* NSI 2000 Software
* Vertical and Horizontal Planar Scanners 
Cylindrical scanners are well suited to testing fan beam, cellular base  station, stacked dipole arrays, and antennas that have broad azimuth and  narrow elevation plane patterns.  
Far-field Antenna Measurement System is a cost-effective, easy-to-use system  for taking principal plane, far-field antenna measurements. This system is  compact and lightweight. It is ideal for universities or small commercial  companies that want to test small, lightweight, and low gain antennas.          
NSI 2000 Software is the most advanced and comprehensive antenna  measurement software available today. Running on a large number of installed  systems and field tested daily by an active community of experienced users, the  NSI 2000 software represents a combination of experience and technology that  stands ready to solve your toughest antenna measurement challenges.             
    100V - Portable vertical planar     200V - Small economical vertical planar     300V - Medium size vertical planar     400V - Large precision vertical planar     500H - Large precision horizontal planar
* Cylindrical Near-Field Scanners 
Spherical Nearfield Antenna Measurement Systems of various sizes and  configurations. The most common is the “Phi over Theta” systems (shown  below), which rotate the AUT in the Phi direction on an L-bracket and the Phi  stage and L bracket are rotated in the azimuth direction to accomplish the  Theta motion. In this case, the AUT is required to move for both the Theta and  Phi motions, and the probe remains fixed. The next configuration we support  is the “Theta over Phi” configuration.                            
* Spherical Scanners 
GTD also provides radio channel parameters: impulse response, CDMA analysis,  Power delay profiles, etc. Also, provides functionalities to dynamic simulations  and parametric simulations.  
MONURBS is a parallelized computer tool for the 3D analysis of complex  antennas, on board antennas, electromagnetic compatibility and radar cross  section (RCS).MONURBS is based on the Moment Method (MM) with FMLMP  (Fast Multilevel Multipole) and provides excellent results. Macro basis functions  (CBFs) and Domain Decomposition Technique are also included in order to  increase the efficiency.  
POGCROS (Physical Optic/Gemetrical Optics Code for Radar Cross Section  Computation) is a parallelized, efficient, accurate and fast computer tool for the  analysis of the Radar Cross Section (RCS) of electrically large complex targets.  
DOPPLER is a parallelized, efficient, accurate and fast computer tool used to  obtain the Doppler frequency spectrum of electrically large and complex bodies.      
RADOME is a parallelized accurate and fast computer tool for the analysis of  radomes, including multilayer radomes with embedded Frequency Selective  surfaces.  
REFLECTARRAYS is a very efficient computer tool for generating  automatically the geometrical model of reflectarray Atennas taking into account  some input parameters, such as the unit cell type and dimensions, frequency,  focal length, periodicity, dielectric materials, and desired main beam radiating  direction.  
* Measurement Antennas
Description: Double Ridged Waveguide Horn. 
Frequency: 200 MHz– 50 GHz.
* Dual polarized antennas
Description: Quad Ridged Horn Antenna. 
* Pyramidal horn antennas
Description: Pyramidal Horn Antenna 
* Special purpose antennas
Description: Left–circular polarized broadband self–complementary spiral antenna  for indoor applications.  
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Standard Phi over Theta Spherical Near-Field Scanners
NSI2000 Software
Special purpose antennas
* Near-Field Systems
Applications: EMC, Automotive, Radio Monitoring,Electronics, Government/Defense, Medical.
Applications: WiMAX, UWB, GSM, PCS, Wi–Fi, EMC, Automotive, Radio Monitoring,                        Electronics, Government/Defense, Medical.
Frequency: 0.73 GHz – 50 GHz.
Applications: Measuement, Radio Monitoring.
Frequency: (26) 28 – 50 GHz.
Applications: Measuement, Reflector Feed, Radio Monitoring.
Frequency: 2 GHz – 27 GHz.