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We are the exclusive representatives in Middle East for the following companies. We also have business association with many other  companies in the field of Satellite Ground Stations for Meteorology, Satellite Communications, Remote Sensing as well as variety  Instrumentation products.  
  Dartcom of UK is the leading manufacturer of low cost, high quality, innovative Satellite  ImageAcquisition and Processing Systems for Meteorological applications. They offer Systems in  fixed, marine or mobile configurations. Their innovative design for APT(Automatic Picture  Transmission) Reception system has won the 1990 British Computer Society Application Award. 
Dartcom manufactures a range of products for Reception and Processing of Data from  Meteorological satellites in both Geosynchronous (GEO) as well as Polar Orbits (LEO).   All hardware is designed for maximum  performance and reliability. Their software combines advanced functionality with ease of use.
Their product range includes
 Tracking  Ground Stations to receive data from LEO satellites like NOAA, METOP,Feng-Yun, NPP etc.
 Ground  Stations with fixed antenna to receive and process data from GEO Meteorological satellites like GOES,MTSAT, Electro-L etc.
 PDUS  and DCP systems for Meteosat Data reception. 
 Active Stabilized Antenna systems for Ship borne.
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Nearfield Systems Inc (NSI)
Nearfield Systems Inc. (NSI) manufactures systems for antenna measurements using the nearfield  techniques. NSI near-field measurement systems are used world-wide for testing  a variety of  antennae used in satellites, radar systems, Communications  Systems etc.  They are also a popular  choice for  Universities and Colleges because of their  patented technologies which offers high  accuracy and  repeatability at an  affordable price.   NSI is an ISO  9001:2000 certified company. It  also holds several patents in the  near-field  antenna measurement technology. 
The types of products  manufactured by Nearfield include:
 Planar  Nearfield Measurement Systems
 Spherical  & Cylindrical Measurement Systems
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The main applications are:     Electromagnetic Compatibility.     Antenna Design.     Antennas mounted on complex structures.     Radar Cross Section (RCS), including ISAR and Doppler frequency shifts.     Infrared.     Radio Propagation.     Radio system analysis.     Design of passive microwave components.     Radomes: analysis and design.     Reflectarrays: analysis and design.
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 Far Field Measurement Systems
RF Spin manufactures measurement antennas with an extreme bandwidth used in EMI/EMC testing  as their antennae are used as reference antenna in Antenna Test Systems. They also develop and  realize special custom antennas for a variety of applications. They offer extremely high bandwidth  that frequency band of 350MHz to 50GHz can be covered with just two antennae. 
 Dual Ridge Horn Antennas
They product range includes :
 Quad Ridge Horn Antennas
 Standard Gain Horn Antennas
 Log Periodic Antennas
Newfasant aims at providing  best simulation software tools for electromagnetic fields for the study  of antennas, radar cross section, radiation patterns, advanced telecommunications systems and other  studies and an excellent support to ensure optimal utilisation of their software tools. 
Orion Technologies FZE
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