Orion Technologies specialises in providing products and solutions in the areas of Satellite Ground Stations  and  Instrumentation in India and Middle East.  We in association with world leading companies provide a  range of systems as well as sub-systems related to Satellite Meteorology, Antenna Testing, Design  Simulation Software for Antennas, Material Testing using mmWave network Analysers etc. 
We provide products and systems in  association with some of the world leading companies like Dartcom  of UK,  Nearfield Systems Inc of USA, NewFasant of Spain, RFSpin of Czech Republic. 
Some of the word's leading companies with whom we are associated are:
Dartcom of UK  is the leading manufacturer of low cost,  high quality, innovative Satellite Image Acquisition and  Processing Systems for Meteorological applications. 
Nearfield Systems Inc. of USA are the pioneers in  in-door test systems utilising Planar, Spherical,  Cylindrical as well as Far-Field Measurement  techniques for characterizing all types of antenna. These  systems consists a precision multi-axis scanner,  RF Sub-system, special hardware for mounting probes /  antenna under test along with high performance Work  Station running data acquisition and analysis software.  
Newfasant of Spain is an innovative company that  develops and commercializes NewFasant, a simulation  software for electromagnetic fields for the study of  antennas, radar cross section, radiation patterns,  advanced telecommunications systems and other studies. 
Orion Technologies FZE
RFspin s.r.o  of Czech Republic specialises in supplying  a range of high performance antennae used in the studies  of Antennas, Electromagnetic Interference /  Compatibility (EMC), Propagation of electromagnetic  waves, Automated Measurement Systems etc. 
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